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A Fantastic Season!

Whew! It's been quite a year so far at Depot Street Orchard. It wasn't long after we moved into our newly built home at the orchard site, that the season started in earnest. We thinned our trees and bagged the fruit in the spring and early summer. By the end of July, it was time to think about harvesting and getting our pears to market.

It's been a whirlwind with lots of lessons learned. I like to think we've become wiser and more educated about pruning, thinning and bagging fruit on the trees. We'll have new systems to implement next year as a result. I know that we've met so many amazingly supportive people and businesses. It's going to be fun to see how these relationships grow in the coming year.

In all of the transition and trial-and-error hard work that has happened this year, we had no time to post here until now. Here's a visual recap of the 2019 Asian Pear season. You can get the full story line by reading our posts on our Facebook page.

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