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End of the Season Already?!?!?! What to Do Now?

This is about a month late getting out. After a busy season and a steep learning curve, we've finally recovered for the fall and winter. Hope you enjoy the update...

We've been selling our Asian pears at the Boone St Market as they have become ripe throughout the season. The last of our first season's crop finally became ripe, and we had enough to take to the Jonesborough Farmers Market.

Our pears were very popular at the Farmers Market. Now don't get too excited. We only had several crates. We sold out! And we could've sold more of we had them.

We actually did have more, but they really weren't in any condition to sell. As you know from a previous post, our crop suffered a beetle infestation.. among other critters like stink bugs. Much of the pears were left permanently disfigured.

So what do you do with several crates of Asian pears with lumps and bumps? Well one thing that We're trying is canning. Another is dehydrating.

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