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It's Been a Very Busy Summer

We finally have the pump house built, electric hooked up and everything plumbed as of 8/21/15. We have a fairly minor issue with the well that Casey well drilling will hopefully have taken care of soon. Way down at the far end you can see Sandy doing a rain dance. We've been lucky with the rain we've gotten due to the delays we've had getting the well system in, however I would have liked to have seen a little more rain. I'm not complaining though, it could have been a dry summer. All in all it's been a fairly productive summer. The trees look good and we are in our planning stage for more trees. We are thinking about getting some "Korean Giant" Asian pears this next time. Also, since these trees have done so well we will be getting the next ones from Willis Orchards again. I wish I had a picture of when the June bugs moved in. Sandy was beside herself thinking they'd eat the trees. I told her to catch one, tie a piece of thread to it's leg and fly it like a kite. She wouldn't go for it. Also in our news, we had the opportunity to stop and visit Paul and Su at their Asian pear orchard known as Virginia Gold Orchard. They were very gracious and sat down with us, more than willing to help us along in our Asian pear growing journey. Check them out on their website by the same name. We plan on visiting with them again soon during the picking season and try some of their delicious pears. I'll remember to get a couple pictures when we go back. That's about it for now.

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