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Buds & Energy Healing

We had a little snow a couple of days ago and I was concerned about our Asian pear trees. As you can see from this photo they're actually starting to bud! Hopefully the weather is going to get progressively warmer. I wonder if we'll get a few blossoms this year. I don't know what that means for fruit, but it would be cool to see our babies bear flowers. As I inspected each tree today, most of them looked good. Some of them were a little more developed than others. And there was one in the lower right corner of our orchard which didn't look so good. It looked like it had sprouted a blossom which died, and the twiggy trunk was a little yellow. I immediately texted Bob with a photo. How could all of the other trees look great and this one be struggling? And then the truth came out... Apparently when Bob had cut down a honey locust tree over on that side of the orchard, the tree fell on that one little Asian pear tree. So Bob's nonchalant response was to suggest that I give it some energy.

I am an energy healer who has mostly worked with humans who aren't budding to well. I have worked with some animals, but plants are still a little foreign to me. So there I stood out there in the open with neighbors looking on...eyes closed, hands grasped lovingly around this little twig of a tree, trying not to look to conspicuous. I basically called in all the helpful energies who might be available for the benefit of these trees. Then I let myself be the conduit between heaven and earth and allowed the energy to run deep into the ground around the tree... from my energy root system to the tree's. I don't know if it will help. But it did remind me that I want to delve more deeply into learning about nature intelligence from Michaelle Wright Small of Perelandra. P.S. I was informed that only the very top of the ailing tree was hit, and it wasn't that bad. Well a little extra TLC never hurts any living thing.

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