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The Beginning of Depot Street Orchard

When we purchased our 20 acre farm in Jonesborough, TN we had the intention of building our home there. That is still our intention, but in the meantime we have discovered a new project, the prospect of which, tickles us to no end. I love asian pears. My husband loves to dig and grow things. I love the co-creative process of growing things with the help of my husband and mother nature. Hence, Pear Blossom Farm was born inside the city limits of Jonesborough. Our hope is to have our first crop of asian pears on or before we have moved in to our home As you can see there is much work to do. The first couple of photos here were taken on the day of purchase, June 22, 2014. It is now January of 2015, and we are preparing our land for our first acre of trees.Currently the farm is home to a small herd of cattle, so our first acre of trees has to be keenly guarded from the trampling hooves of our 4 legged friends. Luckily a square acre was already fenced off with barbed wire before we took ownership. It will be easy to re-purpose it. We're working between the bouts of bad weather that winter brings to East Tennessee, and are making progress. Last weekend we had a pretty day to mow the little square and repair the fence. Today (1/25/15) Bob (my husband who likes to dig and grow stuff) put up a gate. Our first 126 trees arrive on March 1st. Shhh ....don't tell Bob but I call these first few trees our experimental crop. This first year will be a learning that will bring us closer together and make us wiser, greener and attuned to the loving forces of the land where we will unfold our lives in the years to come.

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