June 9, 2019

    The beginning of April saw our new home finished and all of the pear trees in bloom. I have been encouraging native pollinators like the blue orchard mason bee to stick around and thrive, and I guess they did. The trees were full of fruit. Sandy was out there...

August 27, 2017

The last time I was home I put some lily pads in our pond. This pond was once a muddy cow pond. Now it's just muddy. We hope that adding plants like these will help to clean up the water.

The lily's are now blooming, and they really do brighten up the pond.

We also disco...

March 30, 2017

                                  Most all the trees are in bloom. Thankfully there are plenty of natural pollinators around since I haven't gotten my bees yet. Was a beautiful day today, I was working on the irrigation and Sandy was planting onions and garlic. Guess t...

March 28, 2017

    We got our web site up and running today. We'll fill in the remaining blank spaces over time. Our hope is for this site to give family, neighbors, friends, and future friends a little insight into our farming endeavor. Also to extend an invitation to stop by if you...

July 22, 2016

We got our new well drilled. Didn't want to drill another hole but the first wells water never did clear up. As you can see from the picture, soon after turning this one on the water looks great. Tested good also. The first well had over 10 ppm of iron in it, this one...

November 18, 2015

Turkey's checking things out.

I've been seeing a couple different flocks of turkeys on and off since last year. This is one flock I saw this fall, about 10 males as near as I can tell. Looking for the ladies I imagine.

The well is finally finished, unfortu...

August 27, 2015

We finally have the pump house built, electric hooked up and everything plumbed as of 8/21/15. We have a fairly minor issue with the well that Casey well drilling will hopefully have taken care of soon.

Way down at the far end you can see Sandy doing a rain dance. We'...

May 19, 2015

The day to begin drilling our well finally came today. The day began interestingly enough. Our contractor called first thing this morning to say there was a calf with it's head stuck between the wheel and tool box of his water truck. So I in turn had to call the farmer...

April 20, 2015

I got the new front gate and fence built. This will be the main entrance to the property in the not to distant future. Since I wanted it 16 feet wide I put two 8 foot gates up and am very pleased that I got them lined up and straight when closed together. Our friend St...

April 15, 2015

I just thought I'd post a picture of one of our beautiful trees flowering. About 80 percent of our trees have flowers in varying degrees and it seems a shame that any fruit that starts to grow from them will have to be pulled long before they mature. This is necessary...

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